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New Magog / Caminho de Santiago demo with Kevin Flanagan

Part of an ongoing work with Kevin Flanagan, British-American composer and saxophonist, which has already involved some on-site field record [...]

“Magog – glitch 4b” – Kevin Flanagan & André Nascimento

Teaser for an upcoming collaboration with Kevin Flanagan, British-American composer and saxophonist. Many moons ago, I had the pleasure of h [...]

Zero-K — Volume 2 — Electroacoustics

New release by the Zero-K project out on Bandcamp! [PT] Já disponível no Bandcamp o segundo álbum do projecto Zero-K! Zero-K: Volume 2 &# [...]

Festival Musica Viva 2008 – Soundwalk Installation

Música Viva, a Lisbon festival dedicated to electronic, contemporary and experimental music begins on September 19th. The festival takes pl [...]
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