Algum Dia Tinha de Ser a Sério (2006)

Composition of soundtrack for “Algum Dia Tinha de Ser a Sério(“Someday It Had To Be For Real”), a multimedia dance performance, in collaboration with digital artist / electronic musician Ivan Franco.

The piece, created  by Ivan Franco and dancer Lígia Teixeira, premiered in Lisbon in 2006 and was performed at several Portuguese venues over the following year.

“…a dance performance that represents the love relationship between a woman and an imaginary man, by staging the telematic contact between the two.

In a room, where a bed bridges between real and imaginary, the lovers inhabit different dimensions: while the tridimensional woman is inside the aquarium, the bidimensional man is on the bed.”


Concept by Lígia Teixeira and Ivan Franco

direcção artística | artistic direction
Lígia Teixeira e Ivan Franco

coreografia | choreography
Lígia Teixeira

música | music
André Nascimento, Ivan Franco

interpretação | dance
David Marques, Lígia Teixeira

luzes | light design
André Almeida

programação | programming
André Almeida, Gonçalo Lopes, Ivan Franco

assistência técnica | technical assistance
José Pedro Gouveia

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