Sounds of Thought (2009)


In 2009 I collaborated on an exhibition presenting 19 interactive media / digital art projects, exploring processes, rules, and interactions as dimensions of play between object-machine and spectator or space. These projects were developed during the workshop on programming of playable environments “The Sound of Thought”, (“Sons do Pensamento”) lead by André Sier and organised by 411.LED at FBAUL (Lisbon Fine Arts Faculty), between January and July 2009.

Works by: Ana Calhandro. André Martins. André Nascimento . Afonso Barros. Gummy & Bunny. Catarina Mota. Fausto Fonseca. Guilherme Martins. Jorge Diogo. José Perico. Margarida Rêgo. Mário Silva. Nuno Delmas. Piece Attack. Pedro Vilela. Robin Burgess. Tiago Almeida. Tiago Beijoco.

Organised by André Sier. Luísa Ribas. Sofia Gonçalves.

My own modest contribution to the exhibition (thanks to André Sier and Catarina Mota for the help):


“espelho” (“mirror”) – motion capture (Processing) and granular synthesis (Pure Data) – move and let your spectral mirror image generate sounds…

In this short video about the course and exhibition, you can see a small clip of my “mirror” interactions.

Ípsilon – video – Sons do Pensamento

Online photobook of the event:

Sons do Pensamento / Sounds of Thought – online photobook of the opening

“espelho / mirror” digitalised portrait by André Nascimento & André Sier

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