On this page, you’ll find a selection of games I’ve worked on as a composer and sound designer.
Flip & Flap by TAP Air Portugal / Wingman (2014)

Sound design and music for a online game aimed at children. The game features the Portuguese airline’s mascots and quiz games about geography, history and culture; Site developed by Wingman. Click here to play.

Site Tap Kids








Koora Time Roadshow (YDreams / SDI) (2013) – Sound design (GUI, ambient and sport sounds) for 5 football simulation games produced by YDreams (Portugal) and SDI Marketing (Canada, Qatar) for the Qatar Football Association.


CCV Bragança – Planets game/installation (YDreams, / CCV, 2007)
Installation / educational game about the Solar System for a science museum in Portugal. Stepping on the floor allows the user to travel from Earth to its nearest (and furthest) neighbours.

My job was to produce all sound effects and create a continuously looping electroacoustical piece which functions as a sonic environment for the installation. Click below to listen to the soundscape.


Viva Ronaldo (2013) – a social-media driven game for mobile platforms, centered on soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. For this product, I developed audio cues for the game’s GUI and sounds related to football matches and the sports stadium ambience.

Produced by software developer BViva. To buy the game, follow this link.



Cristiano Ronaldo Underworld Football (2006)

Mobile platform game developed by YDreams. For this project, I created the promotional video’s soundtrack and some of the game’s sounds.



Other games:


Wall Street Fighter (2006) – sound design for a Street Fighter – type mobile phone game (YDreams). Assorted punches, grunts and kicks. Great fun!



Spooks (2006) – sound design for a mobile phone game based on the popular BBC spy series (produced by YDreams). Transcription of the TV series’ opening credits tune to MIDI; game sound design.

Spooks Mobile screenshot - Andre Nascimento sound design

Carlos Sousa Galp Rally Raid (2005) – music and sound design for Paris-Dakar mobile phone game (YDreams)


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