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“Pergunta da Sorte” – o Gerador entrevista André Nascimento

Gerador magazine interviewed me, and it was both fun and strange… [text in Portuguese] Fui alvo de uma entrevista divertida e ao mesmo [...]

E-Textiles (by Teresa Almeida, 2012)

E-Textiles | Stop Motion | Lo-Tech from Teresa Almeida on Vimeo. A project by designer and new media artist Teresa Almeida. Experiment with [...]

Sons do Pensamento / Sounds of Thought – online + collective projects

André Sier, director of the Sounds of Thought creative programming workshop has opened a webpage that hosts some of the students’ onl [...]

Sons do Pensamento / Sounds of Thought – video + pics

Ípsilon – video – Sons do Pensamento Sons do Pensamento / Sounds of Thought – online photobook of the opening Amazingly, [...]

Sons do Pensamento / Sounds of Thought

Works by: Ana Calhandro. André Martins. André Nascimento . Afonso Barros. Gummy & Bunny. Catarina Mota. Fausto Fonseca. Gu [...]

Lively Dreams wins Portuguese National Multimedia Award

Last year, I worked on a soundtrack for Lively Dreams, a dance and multimedia performance by coreographer Lígia Teixeira and digital artist [...]

AltLab, the new Lisbon hacklab

Lisbon, Portugal is now home for a new laboratory for digital and analogue artists, engineers and general purpose technology geeks! Some of [...]

Lively Dreams – blog + news + entrevista com Ivan Franco

Interview with Ivan Franco, co-author of Lively Dreams for web channel Sapo (sorry, Portuguese only). In the meantime, coreographer Lí [...]

Temps d'Images 2008 – Lively Dreams

Lively Dreams premieres this weekend at CCB (Belém Art Center) in Lisbon. Dates: November 8th and 9th, 7pm [...]

Lively Dreams

Sound design and composition work has begun for Lively Dreams, Lígia Teixeira’s new dance / multimedia creation. The soundtrack is a [...]
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