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New Magog / Caminho de Santiago demo with Kevin Flanagan

Part of an ongoing work with Kevin Flanagan, British-American composer and saxophonist, which has already involved some on-site field recordings in Northern Portugal, “Sta Maria dos Anjos” is a new demo of the tentatively called “Magog / Caminho de Santiago” project.

We’re slowly building up material from several field recordings collected in both England and Portugal. Just before Autumn 2002, we did some on-site field recordings in the northern Portugal in a few churches that are connected to the famous Caminho de Santiago, a network of pilgrim roads leading into the eponymous cathedral city in Galicia / Spain. Another part of the project is based on Kevin’s own earlier recordings in churches and locations along another ancient pilgrim road: Peddar’s Way, in the English countryside. Kevin speaks about this ongoing project as well on his blog, “Blue Mountains Walking”.

I have created a Soundcloud playlist that collects these demos. Enjoy:

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