“Magog – glitch 4b” – Kevin Flanagan & André Nascimento

Teaser for an upcoming collaboration with Kevin Flanagan, British-American composer and saxophonist. Many moons ago, I had the pleasure of having this amazing musician as my jazz improvisation and harmony teacher – and also bandleader, when I played guitar with Anglia Ruskin University’s jazz big band.

Back in 2020, after a meeting in Lisbon, we chatted about a possible collaboration, and, months into the pandemic, we began exchanging files, musical ideas and sounds and slowly taking them apart and rebuilding them.

“Magog” began life as an orchestral piece that Kevin composed  for a dance performance by Jane Turner.

For “Magog – glitch 4b” I’ve added electronic soundscapes to one of the piece’s movements (4b) as well as a few new sections to the arrangement, while Kevin also added a saxophone melody / improvisation.

This track is a teaser, a work in progress, and will be changed soon. Kevin speaks about this ongoing project on his blog, “Blue Mountains Walking”.

Check out the music at SoundCloud

or at Kevin’s Bandcamp page:

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