Zero-K — Volume 1 — out on Bandcamp!

“Volume 1” is the first album by Zero-K, my new electronic music project.
Listen to the new tracks and buy the album on Bandcamp !

Zero-K is:
André Nascimento – electronics, keyboards, guitars, voices

Guest artists:
Afonso Castanheira – Acoustic Double Bass on “Trip-Hop”
Marta Gil – lead voices on “TUDIDAHD00”

Written, performed and produced by Zero-K / André Nascimento.

“Trip-Hop” written and performed by André Nascimento and Afonso Castanheira. Recorded live at A’MAR Estúdios (Baleal, Portugal).
“TUDIDAHD00” written and performed by André Nascimento and Marta Gil

“Warped Sitar” includes a sample by DEVSND
“Amolador” includes a sample of a traditional pan flute performance by an anonymous Lisbon street craftsman; recorded by Amadeu Dias

Zero-K would like to thank:
All my family and friends for their essential help and support. Too many people to list here… You know who you are.
Also, special thanks to Marta Gil and Afonso Castanheira for lending their creativity, and to my good friend Dirt Jerker for coming up with a name for this adventure!

A toda a minha família e amigos pelo apoio, sempre essencial. A lista de pessoas é demasiado grande para colocar aqui…
Um obrigado especial a Marta Gil e Afonso Castanheira pela criatividade que ofereceram, e também ao meu bom amigo Dirt Jerker por ter dado um nome a este projecto!

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