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AltLab, the new Lisbon hacklab

Lisbon, Portugal is now home for a new laboratory for digital and analogue artists, engineers and general purpose technology geeks! Some of my friends are involved in the creation of this independent art / technology venture, so I’m posting some info.

Altlab is a collective dedicated to independent research and experimentation in alternative media. Community-based and community-building by nature, it seeks to promote active participation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among individuals such as artists, programmers, engineers, hobbyists, scientists, and all those who wish to freely explore creative and emancipatory uses of technology. Just like many other hackerspaces which have emerged all over the world in recent years, AltLab has also been founded on the notions of software/hardware libre and the belief in collective independent platforms for open and active knowledge-sharing and experimentation.

For more info on how to join and participate check this link

Meetings, work sessions and other events take place at Geraldine, on Tuesday nights frm 19h to 24h. Check here for directions.

*UPDATE: as of 2010, Altlab has relocated to Almada (south of Lisbon, across the river). Check their page for more info.

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