Tracks from my solo electronic music project, still in demo phase.

Here you can find a collection of tracks and demos I released on February 2008 – working title Beta 0.1.

– click below to listen

Plus, one of the compositions became a soundtrack for “Commuters”, a 2008 video by Catarina Mota


These tracks were composed and produced between 2006 and early 2008.

In between my other activities (the OGRE project and soundtrack work, as well as other stuff that keeps eating up my time) I will try to put out more material in the near future so I can finally get to a decent official release. For now, the BLOB project is still in development.

All music by André Rocha do Nascimento (copyright IGAC – Portugal 2008).
You are not allowed to sell or redistribute these tracks without permission and/or for commercial purposes

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