In these pages you’ll find information about my past and current music projects, bands I play with, and an archive of electronic music works.

OGRE – a jazz / electronica quintet headed by singer Maria João

Tripé – an instrumental ambient / progressive rock band

Electroacoustic music – electroacoustic and experimental composition

Demos for solo electronic music project – still in development; demos available

You can also visit my Facebook page, which may feature different content and where you can also keep track of my concert schedules and projects.

Except where otherwise noted, all music tracks in these pages are by André Rocha do Nascimento, registered under various licenses (copyright IGAC – Portugal, Creative Commons, or others).

You are not allowed to sell or redistribute these tracks without permission or use them for commercial purposes.

Creative Commons tracks may not be sampled, modified or sold, but may be redistributed or linked to, as long as proper credit is given.

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