“Volume 3 – Exosphere” (Zero-K) – Igloo Magazine review

“Surreal and mysterious, Zero-K glides through multiple layers of experimental electronics and unleashes a powerful musical manifest.& [...]

Live dates (Alexander Search and more)

Live Performances / Datas de Concertos: 17/01/2019 – Júlio Resende |”Cinderella Cyborg” @ Teatro Municipal de Bragança ( [...]

Zero-K — Volume 3 — Exosphere

The final volume in the Zero-K opening “trilogy” is now available at Bandcamp. “Volume 3 – Exosphere” is a collection [...]

Zero-K — Volume 2 — Electroacoustics

New release by the Zero-K project out on Bandcamp! [PT] Já disponível no Bandcamp o segundo álbum do projecto Zero-K! Volume 2 – El [...]

Zero-K — Volume 1 — out on Bandcamp!

“Volume 1” is the first album by Zero-K, my new electronic music project. Listen to the new tracks and buy the album on Bandcamp [...]

Alexander Search @ España! (POEMAD, Madrid)

El próximo día 4 de noviembre, Alexander Search llega a España para presentar su música en la 8ª edición de POEMAD, el Festival de Poe [...]

Júlio Resende: “Cinderella Cyborg” – new album + live shows

“Cinderella Cyborg” – new album by Júlio Resende out now on CD and digital platforms! O novo álbum de Júlio Resende, &# [...]

Maria João / OGRE: North, South and the Sea

This month, I will be on a short European tour with Maria João’s OGRE electric trio, beginning on the sea (Madeira island, Portugal), [...]

Alexander Search @ CCB – 21/9/2018

Alexander Search live @ Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa! Get your tickets here! No próximo dia 21 de Setembro, os Alexander Search vão l [...]

“Pergunta da Sorte” – o Gerador entrevista André Nascimento

Gerador magazine interviewed me, and it was both fun and strange… [text in Portuguese] Fui alvo de uma entrevista divertida e ao mesmo [...]
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