Alexander Search @ Super Bock Super Rock

I’m proud to announce that Alexander Search will be playing at Lisbon’s Super Bock Super Rock festival on July 13th. Festival pa [...]

Alexander Search – A Day of Sun

“A Day of Sun” is the first single by Alexander Search, a new rock band inspired by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and his [...]

Alexander Search – the first single

Alexander Search, a new rock band based inspired by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and his English language heteronym, releases its fir [...]

Maria João – OGRE Studio Konzert (Vinyl Limited Edition)

On 2016, Maria João and her OGRE trio played a concert at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The event was recorded for Studio Konzert [...]

Tripé @ FNAC (update)

Concert dates have changed – check back soon for updates As datas de concertos vão sofrer alterações. Consulte este post e a págin [...]

Maria João – OGRE trio @ Hot Clube de Portugal

MARIA JOÃO / OGRE electric trio Maria João voz João Farinha. Fender Rhodes, teclados André Nascimento electrónica LISBOA HOT CLUBE 27 , [...]

Tripé – Júpiter49

“Júpiter49”, the debut EP from progressive rock / electronica band Tripé has been released! Have a listen: [...]

Alexander Search – live debut photos

Alexander Search. Playing songs somewhere in Lisbon, near the sea. Cold November evening. More to come. << news, images, sounds, words [...]

Tripé – Pequena Melodia, Grande Viagem

Third official video from Tripé, an electronic, progressive and ambient music project “Pequena Melodia, Grande Viagem” (“ [...]

Tripé – jupiter49 Crowdfunding news!

The crowdfunding campaign for Tripé’s debut – “jupiter49” – was a success! Stay tuned for more news concernin [...]
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